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Saturday, September 29, 2018

Tommy Robnison takes the mainstream media to court over Fake news

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Tommy Robinson takes legal action against the mainstream media to stop the spreading of Fake News against him.
In a video he posted on his official Facebook page, he announced legal action against Sky News.
The video was posted with the following description:
"...I will be taking Sky News and @JasonFarrellSky to court for Libel. They have spread false headlines across the world. Changing the words, I said in the interview to give a different context and even taking an answer I gave to a completely different question and editing it directly after a voice over where they portray to the viewers they had asked me a completely different question!
Even if you do not support me, you need to watch this video to see how the media manipulate you! This is a disgrace and you MUST SHARE #Fakenews #Propaganda #EnemyOfThePeople..."