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Friday, November 16, 2018

Watch: Nikki Haley humiliates Palestinian terrorist envoy - No excuses for terrorism

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U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley walked out of a Security Council meeting on Tuesday when the Palestinian envoy began to speak, just hours after she praised Israel for acting with restraint in handling the protests in Gaza.
She used the Palestinian tactic against them, Just like the Palestinian representatives walking out every time the ambassadors of Israel and the United States speak at the Security Council meeting.
This was emergency UN Security Council session bashing Israel for exercising self defense.
Hamas sent 50,000 Gazans to the border with Israel – offering $100 to families who joined. With human shields for cover, Hamas terrorists used bombs, guns and Molotov cocktails to attack Israel’s border.
A closer look at casualties betrays the violent nature of the allegedly peaceful protests. Terrorists were shot while trying to plant explosive devices at the border fence, while others were killed attempting to open fire on Israeli soldiers.
Israel warned Hamas and its supporters in Gaza: "Anyone who tries to invade Israel will be shot."
4000 Israeli families live within 2 miles of the border. Israel was forced to protect these families — and now 60 Palestinian muslims are dead, 24 have been confirmed as active members of terrorist organizations.