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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Indonesia (Islam) threatens Australia with economic sanctions if it strengthens ties with Israel (Jewish state)

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According to Sky News Indonesia wants a guarantee on the Israeli embassy move before finalising a free trade deal.
In fact Indonesia threatens to stop receiving $605M Australia's foreign aid over the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital.
In recent years Australia donated billions of dollars to the Islamic State of Indonesia.
In 2013/14, Australia sent $581 million to Indonesia. The 2014/15 budget estimate puts that figure at $605.3 million.
It is so outrageous that Indonesia dare to threaten to stop accepting Australia’s $600 million annual foreign aid budget after the Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison informed the Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu that he is considering officially recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moving the Australian embassy to Jerusalem.
As the only democratic state in the entire Middle East, only Israel can protect and preserve the holy sites of all religions in Jerusalem.
Israel is the only country in the entire Middle East where Christians are safe and women are not considered second class citizens.
Giving Jerusalem to Hamas is like giving the Vatican to ISIS.
Australia must immediately move its embassy to Jerusalem and on its own initiative cut all foreign aid to Indonesia.
Just look at what is happening to Christians all over the Middle East in countries with Muslim majority, the brutal Islamic persecution of Christians has become genocide.
Australia, Canada and the UK must follow Trump and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.