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Thursday, December 6, 2018

'UN is a terror organization' - Shock at the UN over Nikki Haley's last speech at the General Assembly as she leaves the office

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Once again, the United Nations chose to promote and defend Islamic terrorism.
The media is silent in order to protect the public image of the United Nations, which has become a pawn of representatives of Islamic terror organizations such as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Islamic Jihad.
The United Nations General Assembly voted on Thursday December 6, 2018, against a resolution to condemn the Hamas Islamic terrorist organization over its rocket attacks on Israel, its digging of terror tunnels, and launching of incendiary balloons and burning kites at Israeli communities in the Gaza envelope.
The resolution was one of the final moves being promoted by US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley in the United Nations before she leaves office.
Please watch and share her powerful speech.
Britain, the US and Australia should stop funding the UN.
The U.N. General Assembly elected Qatar, Congo and Pakistan to its top human rights body, joining existing members such as Saudi Arabia, China, Cuba and Venezuela.

Countries that practice Sharia laws have been chosen to be human rights watchdogs.
Even a country like Iran has been given a seat in the UN Human Rights Council.
Iran Where women are stoned to death, where gays are executed in a public square.
Christians are brutally persecuted in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Pastors are jailed for no reason, no reason other than for being Christian leaders. Christians have been lashed for sipping wine during prayer services; Christians have been brutally tortured for doing nothing more than practicing their faith.

Saudi Arabia is the head of the Human Rights Council, a country where there are no Christian citizens, even Christian migrant workers are persecuted by the authorities if they practice their religion.
No religion is allowed to exist in Saudi Arabia except Islam, anyone who leaves Islam is executed.

Pakistan is the worst country for Christians to live in.
Under sharia blasphemy law Muslims murder Christians on false charges of insulting the Prophet Muhammad and the Koran.

These countries are kidnapping the UN bodies to push the anti-Israel and anti-Western agenda.
They use the United Nations to attack Israel which is the only democratic state in the Middle East where Christians are free and women are not considered citizens in rank.

In the last two years Benjamin Netanyahu cut 90% of Israeli aid to the UN after U.N.'s Cultural Agency passed a resolution denying the Jewish and Christian connection to Jerusalem.
Western countries should follow Israel - Cut all funding & Announce Withdrawal From U.N.