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Thursday, May 28, 2020

Watch: British MP defends Hamas 'right' to call for murder of Jews because it was legitimately elected

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Baroness Tonge calls for sanctions against Israel until it surrenders to Hamas.
Hamas in its charter calls for the destruction of the State of Israel and the genocide of Jews.
USA, Britain, Australia, Canada and the European Union recognize Hamas as a terrorist organization.
This member of the British parliament doesn't dare to ask Hamas, which is an Islamic-based terror organization, to stop killing Jews. But she dares demand that Jews sit at the negotiating table with an organization that demands their destruction.
What's wrong with that woman? Calling on Israel to negotiate with Hamas is like calling on Jews in Nazi Germany to sit at a negotiating table with Hitler.

We, the people of Israel, are shocked and frustrated by the hypocrisy of some members of the British parliament who do not care about anything but attacking Israel.
Please watch this great speech from Baroness Deech, who was the only one to stand up for Israel in the British House of Lords.