Following Trump's lead, Another European country recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Romania openes its Israel embassy in Jerusalem, the first European country to follow the United States in making history. Honduras is also expected move its embassy in the coming weeks.
The Palestinian Muslims, led by Hamas, the Islamic Jihad and the Palestinian Authority, are furious.
Only Israel has the right to determine its capital, It's not up to the UN, UK, Italy or France.
As the only democratic state in the Middle East, only Israel can guarantee freedom of worship for all faiths in Jerusalem and not only to Islam.
Western countries must follow Trump and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, if you need a proof just read the Bible, and if you need another one read the Quran.
There is no mention of Jerusalem in the Quran.
The Prime Minister of Israel issued the following statement following Romania's recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel:
"...I congratulate my friend, the Prime Minister of Romania, Viorica Dancila, on her announcement at AIPAC that she would act to complete the procedures needed to open the Romanian embassy in Jerusalem. 🇮🇱🇷🇴...

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