Thursday, May 23, 2019

Breaking: Palestinian Muslims Burn Jewish Lands - Media is silent to avoid damaging Islam's image

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05/23/2019 - Yesterday more than 11 Jewish farmland in southern Israel were set ablaze by Palestinian Muslims.
The media is silent in order to avoid damaging the Palestinian victim's image.
The world is silent when Palestinians attack Israel but screams when Israel defends itself.
The fires continue, and this continues to be the reality for the citizens of South Of Israel.
These Helium-filled balloons tied to incendiary materials and Molotov cocktails flown from the Gaza strip cause enormous damage to the fields estimated at hundreds of thousands of shekels.
Israel is on the brink of war as the Palestinians in Gaza escalate the attacks.
Israel can not allow this "kite terrorism" to continue, the Israeli air force will have to bomb the hell out of Hamas in Gaza, we will not allow them to burn our land.
Please Watch this video and share this post if you support Israel's right to defend itself.