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Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Iranian woman set herself on fire to end the suffering under Sharia laws

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Shocking report from Iran, an innocent woman who was sentenced to prison set herself on fire to end the suffering under strict Shari'a laws. This is a direct result of Gender apartheid in Iran. This woman wasn't allowed inside the sports stadium to watch her team's practice game. She infiltrated the stadium and for this "crime" she was sentenced to prison where she was subjected to mental and physical torture.
Brave American-Iranian human rights activist, Masih Alinejad, has posted this video (embedded below) on social media with the following description:
"...Yesterday a woman set herself on fire after being jailed for entering stadium. Today, 2women from Iran tell the world what it’s like to live under gender apartheid.
They know the risk of being arrested for #WalkingUnveiled & filming for #WhiteWednesdays . @FIFAcom & #EU hear them..."
This is how the shari'a regime oppresses the Iranian people. The rulers of Iran do not care about the welfare of the Iranian people, they are too busy promoting Shiite terror throughout the Middle East. Iran is one of the richest countries in natural resources, but the regime uses its wealth to start proxy wars & spread terrorism instead of improving people’s lives.